Lino Hernandez

20.03.2024 -

With a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Granada and a specialisation in the development of IT visual information systems in Brussels, Lino is in charge of data mining and information coordination for the Brussels team.

Formerly at EIS, publisher of Europolitique/Europolitics, Lino joined ETI – later acquired by the ESL group – in 2005 as a training programme coordinator and webmaster. Since 2013 he has been responsible for data mining and the coordination of information retrieval and dissemination systems. Through the discovery and analysis of unknown or hidden information patterns within large databases, Lino ensures the technological, legislative and regulatory monitoring of subjects that concern ESL’s clients’ business.

He is also in charge of the design and implementation of the technical and functional architecture of the information systems adapted to the objectives and needs of the team and the visual and IT elements of the communication.

Lino speaks Spanish, French and English.