Anne-Laure Cattelot

20.03.2024 -

A specialist in European, national and local public policy, she began her professional career at the European Parliament. She went on to manage European projects at the CNRS and the Côtes d’Armor Departmental Council, and worked in the office of Claudy LEBRETON, Chairman of the ADF. She then joined the office of the President of the European Metropolis of Lille, Damien CASTELAIN, where she managed transport and economic development issues.

In 2017, she was elected MP for the Nord region. She sits on the National Assembly’s Finance Committee and has been appointed co-rapporteur spéciale for the transport infrastructure and services budget. She has twice been commissioned by the Prime Minister and has produced reports on the deployment of the industry of the future 4.0, and on the future of forests and the timber industry in France. For nearly 7 years, Anne-Laure has been involved in setting up and managing European projects, from project development to responding to calls for tender, including the search for European funding and project implementation.

She joins Rivington in July 2022 as Deputy Managing Director.