The Group

Founded in 1990 by Patrice Allain-Dupré and chaired by Alexandre Medvedowsky, former state councilor, the ESL & Network Group has quickly established itself as one of the French and European leaders in business intelligence, strategic support and public affairs. ESL & Network now advises French largest companies and supports them in their strategic decisions, whether in France or abroad. The Group also advises states and governments. For its clients, information control is more than necessary in the decision-making process and enable to prepare the strategic decision.

  • 1990
    Creation of ESL & Network
  • 1992
    Establishment in Brussels
  • 2000
    Creation of the European Institute of Geo-Economic Analysis (IEAG)
  • 2015
    Creation of ESL Agence Publics Middle East
  • 2016
    Creation of ESL Agence Publics Maroc and the State Economic Assistance Department, ESL.GOUV

Thanks to the acquisition in 2014 of Agence Publics, a communication agency, and through the organization of conferences and international forums, the ESL & Network Group was able to diversify its activities and is now one of the main players in influence and event communication.
ESL & Network was also able to increase its service offering through two initiatives: the European Institute of Geo-Economic Analysis (IEAG), a think tank which proposes, through exchanges between personalities from business, economics, politics and social spheres, a reflection on cross-cutting, forward-looking and Europe-wide topics. Finaly in addition to that, ESL.GOUV, an advice and economic department reliying on a pool of prestigious economists and recognized experts in geopolitics in order to assist best the States.


The IEAG organizes two to three times a month thematic breakfasts around a personality from the world of business, politics, trade union or culture. As part of the IEAG missions, Philippe Reclus runs a seminar on "Strategy and Information" at the Ecole Polytechnique for last year students. These seminars welcome leaders of important companies here to present students a practical case their company had faced and the way they solved it. At the end of these presentations, the students, in pairs, write a dissertation on one of these companies based on practical cases defined by the IEAG in coordination with the leaders.


ESL.GOUV provides recommendations to advise the States on their strategic choices in terms of their country's economic position, on the reforms to be considered or on the discourse to be held to reach their objectives according to the identified targets (funds, investors, regulatory authorities, ...).
ESL.GOUV's skills are also offered to large investment funds that want to take advantage of current and future transformations in the global economy.

  • Global Geo-Economy
  • Economic diversification
  • Macroeconomic and fiscal framework
  • Debt management
  • Support for the development of a competitive SME fabric
  • Development of infrastructures in the fields of education, health, new technologies, transport, water, urban planning
  • Restructuring of financial systems

Implanted in Paris, Brussels, Dubai and Rabat (with representation offices in Madrid and Moscow), ESL & Network also relies on an international network of correspondents and experts to provide perfect knowledge of the political-administrative, economic and financial ecosystems of the countries in which it operates.