ESL AP's ethical code guarantees full compliance with the legal provisions and regulations of the countries where it intervenes, observance of confidentiality rules as well as the absence of any conflicts of interest and the strictest discretion and client anonymity. For these reasons, we are not in a position to quote all the names of clients which have already profites from our services. 

ESL Agence Publics combines the talent of its in-house advisors ans its unique worldwide network of consultants to compile comprehensive knowledge of all available information as an integral part of the decision-making-process. 

Our team assists public and private sectors decision makers to:

- Identify and select the right contacts or intermediaries within economic, political, competitive, internal or social spheres.

- Collect information at an early stage using a specific method which complements traditional monitoring (media and internet) with an active approach focusing on individuals identified in advance.

- Analyse and summarize information to highlight the points of convergence, areas of risk and opportunities observed.