ESL & Network is now further expanding its repertoire of services, to include a department offering economic advice and support to heads of state. 

By bringing together some of the most renowned economists in France as well as a number of experts in geopolitics, ESL.GOV can offer guidance to heads of state and governments so as to ensure that these countries adapt as favourably as possible to the new global economic and political order.

ESL.GOV can provide states with strategic advice on decisions relating to the economic positioning of the country, the potential reforms to be considered, or the best approach to adopt to achieve the desired outcomes with the specified targets (funds, investors, regulatory authorities,…).

The expertise of ESL.GOV may also be of interest to large investment funds who are looking to take advantage of transformations in the global economy - those already underway, but also those yet to come. 

ESL.GOV has unique expertise, notably in the following areas: 

- Global geoeconomics

- Economic diversification

- Macroeconomic and budgetary frameworks

- Debt management

- Development of a base-layer of competitive SMEs

- Infrastructure development in the fields of education, health, new technologies, transport, water, and town planning

- Restructuring of financial systems