ESL & Network (France)

The services offered by ESL & Network primarily involve monitoring and gathering business intelligence, which then enables the consultancy to provide advice and recommendations, and initiate lobbying where appropriate.

ESL & Network provides its clients with neutral, unbiased information, so as to minimise the element of uncertainty involved in all decision-making.


The IEAG, or Institut Européen d’Analyse Géo-économique (European Institute for Geo-Economic Analysis), is a think tank created in 1999, to facilitate and promote dialogue between leading players from the worlds of business, economics, politics and social affairs on cross-functional, Europe-wide prospective topics.

The IEAG organises series of meetings and debates, on specific themes dependant on expertise of the selected speaker. It also produces political and economic reports and provides an advisory and assistance service.

ESL & Network (European Affairs)

ESL & Network (European Affairs), formerly CLAN Public Affairs, is one of Brussels' leading consultancies specialising in European public affairs and strategic counsel. Our international team offers a high value added service that optimises all client operations linked to the European Union.

Our comprehensive range of services responds to European public affairs requirements: preparation and analysis, assistance, legislative monitoring, business intelligence, strategy planning, networking, representation to European institutions, creation of coalitions and alliance strategies, communication and comprehensive implementation of lobbying campaigns.

Agence Publics

In our increasingly virtual, globalised world, governments, institutions nd business all have to use communication strategies and high value-added events to prove both their vision and thier DNA.

Agence Publics thus offers strategic consel in communication, produces and organises top level events.

ESL Agence Publics Middle East

ESL Agence Publics Middle East is an expert in business intelligence, image strategy and influence communications, specializing in organisation oh high-profile institutional, public, corporate and cultural events. 

Whether it's helping government organisations gain support for an issue, manage a company's reputation, deal with a crisis or simply keep their public informed, we connect our clients with their relevant audiences to create solutions in an economic and political landscape that is continually evolving. 

 ESL Agence Publics Maroc

ESL Agence Publics Maroc implement the sought after know-how in order to advise and accompany entreprises, public entities, international institutions, Moroccan civil society and more globally worldwidely thanks to our international network of highly skilled experts.