Founded in 1996 as CLAN Public Affairs, the firm has consistently developed its range of services and expertise, and run many successful advocacy campaigns in Brussels and in the EU Member States. Through our ethical and proven methodologies, we offer tailor-made services for our clients which allow them to make the most of the opportunities available in Brussels.

ESL & Network was created in 1989 in Paris, by Patrice Allain-Dupré and Henri Martre, who is the author of the first governmental Report on "Economic Intelligence" written in 1993, and came to Brussels already in 1992.

The European Union and the surrounding “Brussels Bubble” is indeed a crucial area for any interest present in Europe. Organizations which fully integrate the EU dimension into their strategy will reap short and long-term benefits if they are soundly advised and made fully aware of regulatory and competitive developments in Brussels.

Services provided to clients include analysis and preparation work, assistance, monitoring, strategy definition, networking, representation, alliance building, communication, and lobbying action plans.

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